Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Easy Stuff To Make

I was going to go into how genetic modification works and what exactly MSG is.. but I'm so tired my brain is about to collapse. So it's easy post time.

Veggie Wraps

This is what I do when I'm exhausted and hungry:
Throw a large flour tortilla on a plate.
Toss some spinach on it.
Slice up:
Half an avacado
A couple of olives
Now throw in: 
A little cheese if I'm feelin' it
Sprinkle of balsamic vinegar

Roll it up and eat it.

Others ..when I'm not that exhausted..

Vietnamese spring rolls

You can use anything you want for filling. I usually shred up carrots, cabbage, onion, daikon radish, mint, basil and a little cilantro.
Soak your rice paper in water for a few minutes till soft. Then roll up the filling inside. Here's a video that shows how to roll them:

Veggie Burritos

I cook black beans with salt, cumin, oregano and mild chili powder. This makes a pretty decent mexican spice mix. I cut up and throw in: a big onion, Serrano chilies (you can use a jalapeno if you want it less spicy) chopped zucchini and blanched & chopped tomatoes.
Then I just roll it all up in a tortilla and eat. I will add some fresh slices of avacado if I have one in the kitchen before I roll it.
You can add cheese as well if you'd like.

Basically, you can throw just about anything in a wrap and it's usually quite good. I've done stir fry rolled up in a wrap instead of served with rice, I've made burritos with mushrooms and potatoes in them before. I have also made curried vegetable wraps. And don't forget Mediterranean style wraps..  felafel with olives, feta cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach and yogurt sauce. (the internet is full of yogurt sauce recipes)

Okay. Time for a beer. 


  1. Thanks for the tips! My fiancé made a few of you're concoctions and they were delicious ;p!