Monday, January 21, 2013

My Medical Opinion

I'm currently in school for a medical career, yet again, but I don't agree with how it all works as a controlled system. I have a big problem with insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and I loathe how American society has evolved in regards to dietary and lifestyle choices. I don't think Western Medicine works for everyone and I don't think Eastern Medicine does, either. I'm stuck in the middle, a weird mutation of a health nut who incorporates both philosophies into an undefined mess of experimentation to treat bodies and minds. And I primarily use myself as a subject.

I did a stint at a college in North Carolina for awhile in Environmental Biology, where I learned how to do things like genetically mutate a potato in the lab. I had heated arguments with my professors about modification, and I have already worked in health care long enough to know it's not helping that many people.

I've worked in a mental health ward, residences for mentally handicapped adults and children, a rest home, home health care, and with substance abuse patients. I have also been a CNA in a group home for mistreated adolescents and teenagers. I learned insurance companies cut people with serious psychological issues loose when their money runs out, and doctors get incentives from pharmaceutical companies to hand out experimental medications. People in America are overdosed, misguided, and are constantly having surgeries they don't really need just because someone with "M.D." on their name tag told them to do it. Sometimes I feel ashamed at the incompetence and greed of the medical industry. It's depressing.

I've worked under nurses who have told me horror stories in the late night hours of third shift in a hospital hallway drenched in sanitizer and bleach water. I've grown very tired of the bullshit and wish to educate anyone interested in taking responsibility for their own health and avoiding the doctor's office. I have been silent long enough.

I am not an R.N. or a doctor. I am a lowly med student who has worked as a CNA, a behavioral health tech, and a home health care aide. I have no outstanding credentials according to this society. But I have studied, listened, researched, and sustained a passion for healing for over 23 years now. And I will never quit learning and listening. I don't like seeing people sick, and I hate seeing people get turned away from "free clinics", which are a joke in the name. I hate seeing 14 year old girls sneaking to the emergency room to give birth after not being able to see a doctor at all for nine months. People are poisoning themselves with foods strategically labelled in ways that hide their toxicity. Most don't know what MSG really is and how it has about 20 different names companies use to hide the fact that it's in their products. I'll bet most people don't even know that before the genetic modification of tomatoes, they contained a complex of vitamin c that doesn't even exist anymore in the synthetic version of "enriched" foods. And that practices such as these has over time, depleted most Americans of everything their bodies needed to be able to absorb vitamins and minerals from eating. This has led to a growing epidemic of malnutrition that's responsible for most cancers and other diseases in the U.S. Sometimes it seems like this country is a big experimental lab and its citizens are little rats running around in a maze, looking for toxic cheese and totally unaware that they could be much healthier and happier if they really wanted to be.

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